Slightly Bent but Never Broken

In my military career, at one time, I was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Field Artillery based out of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.  Yes, it was a tough hard assignments with weekends spent on Wakiki Beach smoking cheap cigars and drinking Mai Tais.  The unit’s motto was “Never Broken”, given to the regiment during World War I by a French General.  The official motto is Never Broken thru hardship or battle.  Somebody along the way changed it to the current title of this blog.  But it was in this unit that I learned three critical components when it comes to being a resilient person; your faith, psych and physical fitness.

Now, I never had any issues with physical fitness.  In fact, most of us don’t.  If we take the time to count the number of steps we take a day, or all the activities we do, we would discover that we are actually fit people.  Our issues; fast foods, alcohol, and smoking are all bad contributors to our health and physical well being.  Most people take it a step further and do things like swim in a very large bath tub, or instead of walking they run around the neighborhood and some even take it to the extreme by trying to attempt to lift their own body weight with weights.  Crazy I tell you.  Personally, I enjoy working on my yard and walking to the mailbox and back.

Our mental ability is just that.  The ability to cope with the cards we were dealt with.  Currently, I was dealt a very bad hand but I rely on a saying I learned as a young lad in ROTC at my university; Everything ends in time.  A simple philosophy which I learned and apply it to many a situation I find myself end.  But as opposed to the Hakuna Matata, which is more carefree, I do believe everything has some good or bad consequences.  But, even if the situation changes, the philosophy doesn’t, because everything ends in time.  Because of that, I have learned that I must continue to live each day regardless of my situation.

I leave faith last, because I believe my faith to be a very personal matter, and it should be for everyone.  I tend to line up my faith along the Judeo/Christian values and I will keep it simple too.  I believe in the Bible and I don’t go around judging anyone.  I go to church on Sunday’s, I believe in Jesus, I pray daily and try to read my bible daily.  But that is me, and I believe that each and everyone of us have our own faith and we should exercise it. So what is faith?  Let me explain it this way, when my grandson asks for some water, he knows where the cups of water are at and knows where the purified water is located, but he is not big enough to serve himself.  He sees me grab a cup for him off the cabinet, he can see me go to the location with the purified water and he can hear the water hitting the cup.  When he takes the cup of water from me, how does he know that it is good water?  How does he know it is not soda? or coffee?  He doesn’t, he takes it because of his faith.

And that is how I view my current situation in fighting this cancer.  I may not be the same afterwards.  In fact, my doctor’s appointment today pretty much stated that.  I am going to change.  Hopefully to a mutant with super powers, but I doubt it.  Most likely, I will lose some hearing, the hair under my chin due to radiation, the left side of my lymph nodes and saliva glands, taste, numbness of my extremites and rough skin around my neck.  All this due to my chemo and radiation treatment plan.  But I am ok, because I have a plan to continue my physical fitness regime, my mental health, and my faith.  So in the end, I will be slightly bent, but Never Broken!

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

2 thoughts on “Slightly Bent but Never Broken”

  1. The radiation gets tough towards the end. I felt like quitting, but I knew that was not an option. After effects still linger. My taste buds are back, but my saliva is just enough to know I do have some saliva. My voice changed. I lost some hearing in my eat. I was on protein shakes for 4 months before I could eat any solid foods. I still cannot eat meats or rice. The saliva is not there to help with the chewing of these foods. To add to that, all of my back teeth were removed before radiation was started.One dentist wanted to remove all of my teeth, but I fought tooth and nail to save my front teeth. I still have nerve tingle in my fingers and feet. All this to say, I am here and am a survivor. Yes, family, faith, and hope, a positive attitude all contribute to our healing. Keep up your positive attitude and do lean on family and friends. They are part of your journey.


    1. My doctors have told me the same thing; exactly as what you described. All my doctors are saying one thing every time I meet, “just remember to keep on swallowing.” Thank you for your comments and I am glad you are a survivor!


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