Are we done yet?

Apparently not, today was only Thursday and I don’t recall getting a hump day.  I first want to give a huge shout out to SAMC and the doctors who work there.  If anyone who knows me, I am about executing a 75% plan.  I don’t wait to get all the facts and figures.  If I did, I would never execute.  These doctors on the other hand were like, “hey you got cancer and we need to get you treated like yesterday.”  Don’t ask me what happen the last two weeks because it is a blur at best and I still have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow after lunch!

I had appointments with just about every specialist you can think of; from the ENT doctor, Radiologist, Oncologist, Speech Pathologist, Nutritionist, and more Education you can shake a stick at.  We were given an empty 2 inch three ring binder.  It is now filled with information from all the appointments.  Some days were spent all day at the hospital, others were more like just want to make sure all is ok and we were done.  I still need to read that information.

Today was one of those long days with 2 hours of educational information on chemo therapy with the Nurse Practitioner followed by a pneumonia shot and some blood drawn.  Not to mention a quick bite for lunch at the grab and go; another cheap under 10 dollar meal it’s a steal of a location, no wonder it is always busy.

Let me break it down Barney Style for those who don’t understand chemo therapy.  When your body is injected with chemo, it blocks any more cells from reproducing, both the cancer cells and your normal cells.  So your white blood cells are destroyed, hence why people feel like crap after treatment and why one is more susceptible to getting an infectious disease.  But at the same time your good cells which you need to live are dying, so are the cancerous ones.  With flu season hitting full swing, the Nurse Practitioner was like, “you are now getting a pneumonia shot” as a preventive measure.

That was today’s business and boy was it taxing on my body.  I don’t know if it was the shot or just always having to go to the hospital for this or that appointment.  I came home after that and pretty much laid down for the remainder of the day.  Each time I see a doctor, I am wearing masks and I quickly tell them, I am not sick, I just don’t trust everyone else here in the hospital.  They applaud my effort.

Finally, I am grateful for the combination of treatment; the chemo and radiation.  As chemo wrecks havoc all over my body, radiation comes in just with the affected area and zaps it for a few minutes.  For those who study military operations, this is more like a anvil and hammer operation.  The anvil holds the enemy in a static position and then the hammer drops and kills them all and let’s God sort them out.  Chemo is my anvil, Radiation is my hammer and I am looking forward to them to kick the crap out of this cancer.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

2 thoughts on “Are we done yet?”

  1. You can do this mijo. You have lots of people rooting for you and the prayers are non stop.
    Back in 2012 I got my pneumonia shot and it was like getting a flu shot. No side effects here! We are all different and so our bodies will react differently.
    My offer still stands. Whatever you all need we are here.


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