Last 48 hours

I wanted to title this “Eat or die” but I think that is a bit morbid.  But in reality, that was my experience these last 48 hours.

The radiation is really taking it’s toll on my throat, my taste buds, my tongue, pretty much all the functions it takes to eat.  Nothing tastes the way it should but every now and then, I find something that does.  For example, we went to eat at Whataburger, and I ate a dill pickle from my granddaughters burger because she was done.  I was able to taste it!  The simple

In addition, I have lost some hearing in my left ear now.  Personally, I think the radiation just dried up the wax and now it’s stuck.  This is the most frustrating part because I feel it should easily open up, but nope, I have a muffled sound coming in.  It is frustrating.

Sleeping is even become a chore as the last 2 nights I was nausea and even threw up a bit.  It’s not fun throwing up stomach acid on an already sore radiated throat.  Taking anti nausea pills helps out. But at night, it’s difficult to sleep for fear of coughing up.  I sleep up right now and that helps out.

Because of all these “issues”, my weight has dropped down below 190 pounds.  I weighed in this morning at 188 pounds.  I am ok with losing weight.  I mean I would love to weigh in at 180 pounds.  That would be perfect weight for running.  Of course, my current doctors don’t agree and they are right.  I need to eat more and gain the weight back.  I need to get back up to 195 pounds at least.  That’s the challenge.

Those going thru cancer, I empathize with you now in your ordeals.  When you hear people about fighting cancer, say a prayer for them, send them postiive thoughts, but more importantly show and tell them that you love them.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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