End of the week…what a week

Today started off like any other day, getting ready for my daily dose of radiation.  I did ask the doc that if at anytime will I glow in the dark, unfortunately he said no.  Sad day that was.  So we get to the clinic on time and I get my treatment and then we are off heading home…or so we thought.

As we arrived to our vehicle, I noticed that there is a stamped envelope by our vehicle.  Now, to explain the situation here, everyone who goes for radiation treatment get private parking spaces.  So this envelope was from a fellow patient.  So we saw the return address and noticed that it was here in San Antonio.  Being that it is Friday, my concern was that if I dropped it back off inside, would they hold it for the person?  Or was it just better to drive to their house and drop it off?  Or just mail it for them?  We decided with course of action #2, we will drive to their house.

We arrived and it looked like no one was home.  So I was going to put it somewhere where they can see it.  As soon as I get out, I see them drive up.  And yup, I recognized the vehicle.  The garage door opens and I wait out side.  A lady steps out of the car and sees the envelope and smiles and I say, “Ms. Jones, I believe this belongs to you!”  She was excited.  You see, those that go thru chemo treatment tend to lose some short term memory.  In her mind, she felt like this envelope was in her house because she couldn’t find it in her purse nor in the vehicle.

We talked for a bit and we, me and my wife Maria, learned her story.  For some it is sad, but she was anything but.  Ms. Theresa Jones was anything but a positive attitude and spirit.  She shared her love of the Lord and it was a blessing to talk to her.  Last year she lost the love of her life to cancer and she was devastated by that.  But then when she was diagnosed with cancer too she wasn’t going to let that stop her.  In her own words, “The Lord is the finisher of my faith.”  Powerful attitude I tell you.  We hugged and shared contact information.

We get going home now and as we were merging unto Interstate 35 northbound towards Austin, we were rear ended.  We were the last vehicle in what seems to be a 4 car rear end collision.  The police report will figure it all out as to whose fault it is.  My adrenaline was in a rush.  I quickly called some family and gave them a quick SALT report.  I gave them the situation, we are in an accident.  Then the action I am taking, we are going to call the insurance and get a rental car.  Then the location I am at, we are at the 410/35 North interchange.  And then the time, the accident occurred at 1130 and I will update you all when I get more information.  We drive a Subaru Forrester and yes we lived.  The rear bumper is mashed, the muffled is squash inward, the hatch door is off and bent and both rear doors are off as well and require adjustments to lock.

So we get to the collision center, wrap that action up and waited for the rental vehicle from Enterprise.  Once that was complete and we get our rental vehicle, we head home.  I needed to eat as I was out of protein shakes.  After we eat lunch, I take my wife, Maria, to the ER back at the Army hospital to get checked out.  I am feeling fine.   Her CT Scans can back negative and they gave her good drugs to relax the muscles and to sleep.

Overall, I am not really worried about tomorrow.  You see, I can only see as far as the tip of my noise.  God is in charge and that is why I don’t worry.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

One thought on “End of the week…what a week”

  1. Glad to hear you guys were alright. I know exactly where you are talking about. I used to drive thru there when I lived in Converse, about 20 years ago. Don’t forget to proofread before you submit…i believe it’s nose, not noise. 😉

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