The Last 48 Hours…

So I survived the weekend with my second round of Chemo treatment.  But it wasn’t easy.  It was interesting to say the least with my symptoms and what not.  So here is a quick recap.

First, I had the return of the hiccups.  Yes they came back and breathing did not help.  Again, everyone told me the hiccups are a by product of the steroids.  I really don’t think so now.  I think the real reason for the hiccups is rather the body’s response to your dead cancer cells sitting in your gut.  Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is easy the back end or up front.  And because the type of my chemo makes me constipated, that leaves only one way to get rid of these dead cells, yup by the toilet.  It’s not really a pretty site and I won’t get into the gory details but trust me you will know what dead cells look like.  The benefit, no more hiccups for a long time.  Easy breathing and relaxing.

But let’s go back to that chemo and constipation issue.  Now remember I said there was a second route.  Well I already had some on the way and let’s just say having diarrhea and constipation at the same time is an oxymoron but I can tell you that is what I had yesterday.  That was no fun knowing you have to go but yet you can’t!  Frustrating I tell you.

And because of these issues, my appetite was gone.  Like totally gone with no desire to eat or drink.  Needless to say, I lost more poundage than I cared for.  I woke up today weighing in at 181 pounds.  That is not good at all.  Luckily, I gained some of my appetite back today.  I was able to eat more foods aside from using my feeding port in my stomach.  I am also switching my diet to more softer foods such as those found in the baby aisle.  I had some crazy stares but if I need to eat soft foods what better aisle to go than those who are learning how to eat.

Again, I thank you for all your positive thoughts, kind words, and prayers.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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