Magic Mouthwash and other ailments

So, now that I am starting another week of radiation treatment and things are very interesting to say the least.  Of course the whole appetite is still an issue and those that know me know that I love food.  I really can’t wait to sink my teeth into a pizza, a great homemade salad or even into a steak.  But those items are going to have to wait for now. Instead here are some new updates to what is going on in my body.

First, my hearing in my left ear is all but gone.  It is muffled.  It is like constant ringing going on and there is not much I can do really.  You see, the radiation around my throat has closed that little canal that goes in your throat that enables you to hear.  So right now my left ear is out of commission until further notice.  It will come back in time.

My memory is also shady.  Like I go into the restroom and then I am trying to figure out why I am there.  Yes it has happened more than once.  I go somewhere and I am thinking what was I suppose to do?  This is the effect of what chemo does to your body and cisplatin is one of the hardest of the chemo’s so I was told.  I have a pretty good memory but I will tell you that a short stubby pencil beats out a long term memory any day.  I write a lot of things now so I don’t forget in my calendar notebook.

So prior to the weekend, the folks at the radiation clinic gave me this great stuff called “Magic Mouthwash”.  Of course it is pink.  It is liquid lidocaine and it numbs up my mouth and throat and it enables me to eat which is a plus.  There really is no bad side effect only that it last for a few hours.  But at issue is that my throat feels like it is on fire 24/7.  No bueno.  I talked to my radiologist about this and he was like, “Ok we need to give you something better.”

Yours truly is now on some narcotics, yes the epidemic type that everyone is calling to stop prescribing to patients.  I have 2 types, a long lasting type and one for short duration.  I will tell you that as soon I received my meds, it was way past lunch time and I was starving.   I took the short duration one and we drove to get some noodles at Panda Express.  It is abut a 20 minute drive from the hospital to Panda Express and I will tell you that by the time we get there, my mouth, throat and tongue felt much better.  I was able to eat a bowl of noodles and I was happy.  After my first feeding, I took a much needed nap.

I know a lot of people are against using narcotics in treatment because of the addiction factor.  But I will tell you, that was the best relief I had in awhile.  I know the dangers of addiction and it is something you just have to plan for and overcome.  Don’t let things get in your way of your goals but rather focus on the journey and the end result; being cancer free!

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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