Best News of the Week

Earlier this week, when I went for my daily radiation treatment, I was asked if they could do some imaging of my throat.  I said ok, but as events would turn out, as I am trying to lay down I get a coughing spell.  Again, I was asked and I gave them the thumbs up to proceed with the imaging.  Eventually, I was able to calm down, relax and breathe and they were able to image my throat.

Why is this important?  You see, it is hard on cancer patients to know the progress of the treatment.  Imaging is one way of doing it.  But in my case, because it is throat cancer, the doctors can actually look down with a camera thru my nose.  So of course, yesterday, that is exactly what happened and I was able to see the progress!  For the first time in my life, I finally saw vocal chords, well mine actually.  And that is some unique creation there I tell you what.  Previously, I couldn’t even see my vocal chords because a cancerous mass was in the way.  Yesterday, I saw my vocal chords in all their glory!

Next, my doctor showed my the scanned images from the first day of chemoradiation treatment and up to today.  You can easily see the mass shrinking over time in my throat.  When all this begin, my airway was compromised.  It was half the size and moved over to one side.  As of today, it is normalized.  The airway is no longer compromised and is normal, the right size and location.

I cried when I left the hospital yesterday; tears of joy.  I wanted to shout it out on top of the mountain top that “JESUS ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!”  And He does.  But we are not out of the woods to say the least.  There is still more cancer to kill.  All in due time, everything will end and this too shall pass.

For now, I am recharged and motivated to continue this fight.  I thank you all for the positive thoughts, prayers and good feelings.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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