A better Trach

So yesterday after my radiation treatment, I went over to the ENT clinic to see about removing my trach because it was very bothersome.  Trachs come in different sizes and my first one was a size 8.  It was pretty significant and I can really feel it inside my throat. Before I started treatment they downsized my Trach to a size 6.  Yesterday, I am down to a size 4.

There is nothing wrong with a size 6 Trach, however it was becoming bothersome to a degree.  At night, I was able to sleep with little discomfort but over time it became unbearable.  It was like my body knew there was a foreign object and was coating it with mucus.  Of course, the mucus became to much and I would have to expel the mucus.  The size 4 Trach is much smaller and I don’t really feel it inside my throat.

But the shrinkage of the cancerous growth in my neck also enables me to clear my throat by sucking the air thru my nose .  Now the last time I was able to clear my throat using this method was back in 2006 after my deployment to Kosovo.  Now, almost more than 10 years with no ability to clear my throat, I find this a great relief.  If I am laying down and get a coughing fit, I normally can clear my throat and sinuses clearly.

This is exactly what I needed right before I get into the final stretch here.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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