You have got to be kidding right!?

So sometime during the last 2 weeks in which I had no clue whether I was coming or going, apparently, I turned into a 500 pound gorilla when I was asked a question which really did not require a response from me.

I exactly don’t know when this happened but I do know where at least.  As part of my treatment plan I have to get some lab work done from time to time.  And so I went to the lab clinic and get ready for the vampires.  They sucked the energy and life right out of people and they probably did me this time as well.

It is during this time when I am not all there, that Maria makes sure I get to where I need to get going to.  So if it was to a clinic to get vitals or to the Chemo/Hematology to get my port flushed, I can’t recall but Maria knows my schedule and ensure I got to the right place at the right time.

Now comes the time to draw in the conclusion from the lab work that was done earlier.  One of those vials of blood tested was to check my blood sugars.  Yes, yours truly is diabetic.  So they check my blood sugars and apparently I scored a 400, yes if you are going to go big, go big, or go home!

So the nurse is now looking at the paperwork and saw the blood sugar score, and nonchalant just ask, “Sir, what are we going to do with your blood sugar score because we need to lower it.”  Well I about cried.

Here I am, plugged in to a port that is feeding me a constant protein shake diet with no restrictions.  This machine is programmed to feed me 150 M/l on the hour every hour.  I have no way of changing my current diet.  So, as the nurse finished with the question, I was looking at my backpack, back to the nurse, and then back to my backpack which was holding my formula and pump.  I must have given this look of horror because he realized that I have no choice in this matter when it comes to checking my blood sugars and what I was being fed.

At this point I heard the nurse say, “It’s ok Sir, I got you covered.  Don’t worry about your blood sugars at this point in time.”

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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