Today, as I am typing this out, I just opened up a small container of sugar free chocolate pudding.  I know it’s not the best tasting but I need to watch my blood sugars.  And it is in celebration that I am eating this snack in the afternoon before dinner.

You see, the last time I tried pudding was with my speech pathologist and it was my first attempt at eating.  Now at first glance, pudding looks easy to slowly.  I mean really there is nothing in pudding but just that.  It is soft and it looks easy to swallow.  But when your throat has been eradicated by radiology and your throat muscles are weak it becomes a chore.  I remember the difficulty I had when I first attempted to swallow.  My mouth was dry and it was just a sticky mess inside.  And when I swallowed it just hanged in the back of my throat.  Luckily, I had my water container handy and I was able to drink it down but it was terrifying that I couldn’t swallow something as easy as pudding.

Today, I had another appointment with my speech pathologist and it was good.  We talked about increasing not just our food intake but also the different types of foods to take; those that are mashable and saucy.  Think mashed potatoes, very watery refried beans, yogurt, steamed vegetables mixed with ground beef, chicken or turkey; foods which I can easily make at home not just for myself but for the family as well.  Tonight’s dinner, spaghetti because of the sauce.

After our education on what foods to start eating, my doctor then placed a pudding packet as well as sliced pears in natural juices container in front of me.  I ate the pudding first with no issues.  It’s great when your saliva glands decide to work!  Then my doctor told me to eat some cut up pears which I did.  It took a bit used to as I had to chew it for a bit but still no issues when it came to swallowing.  Afterwards, as we were wrapping up our session, I noticed that I ate pudding with no issue and I mentioned that.  The doctor was surprised that I made the connection and told me that my throat is healing and getting stronger.

Eventually, I can see myself eating a #1 from Whataburger!  Again thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers, and good vibes.  God bless you all!

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

2 thoughts on “Pudding”

  1. You had me worried, hadn ‘t read any posts, but praise God you are back. Stay strong which is easier said than done but know we love you and believe we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

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