A New Life

About two weeks ago, I went in to get a PET scan to determine if I still had cancer in my body.  The total time for the exam is about 2 hours or so.  I was injected with some radioactive material and had to wait 45 minutes for it to get circulated throughout my body and then taken back.  I was taken to a MRI type machine and laid down and injected with another medicine that will make the cancer cells glow in the dark.  Again, this procedure took about another hour or so.  I had to wait for both my ENT and Radiologist doctors to read the results before I can learn about the results.  So that day, I went to eat at Cracker Barrel.

Last week, on Friday, I received the telephone calls from my doctors informing me that I am clear of cancer cells and that no further treatment or surgery was needed.  Praise God and many thanks to those who prayed for me or sent me good vibes.  I really appreciate it.  I will still have to see my ENT doctor and follow up accordingly.  That is the life for any cancer survivor.  You have to make sure the cells are long gone and don’t come back for a second visit.  This monitoring is for life.

I am fortunate that all my treatment was done at San Antonio Military Center and being a veteran I didn’t pay anything except for my food which I am taking via a stomach port. That is the only issue I have now.  I do eat but it is in small quantities.  I can eat about a cup to a cup and a half of food twice a day.  I count my calories daily and weigh myself twice a day to ensure I maintain the weight I currently have.  My weight is averaging about 174 pounds a day and I am happy at this weight.  I don’t have much back pain and I am loving that aspect of it.  I do plan to gain more weight but nothing over 190 pounds.  If I can maintain a weight of 185 pounds I would be happy.

Currently I am seeing a Speech Pathologist as part of my treatment program and we are working on eating more food.  The best way to explain this is that my throat is like that of a new born.  It takes years for a new born to eat solid food.  Imagine doing that at my age.  It is frustrating to see food that I was able to eat and know that if I try to eat that, that I have the possibility of choking because I am unable to swallow the food.  But I do the exercises, drink water, and continue to try and eat a more variety of food.

Again, I thank all of you for your positive thoughts and prayers as I continue on this new journey of life.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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