Eating Again

A few weeks ago I received my normal supplies of liquid food to intake thru my stomach peg.  Its very convenient because I just fill up a bag of liquid food and let the pump do the rest.  It’s an all day event from morning to evening and I get in about 2,400 calories for the day.  Slowly but surely, I included food into the mix via mouth and weened myself off the liquid food.

That changed one day when I opened up my supply box of bags and it went from a 1200ml bag to a 600ml bag.  Now I used the smaller bags but at the same time I was ready to start eating again.  Before I go on or get criticized because what I did next can seem foolish, I felt a struggle to eat food as long as I was tied to my stomach pump.  It was like I was forcing myself to eat again when I was already full.  What I did was quit the stomach peg feeding pretty much cold turkey but I was already eating a wide variety of food.  I needed to know hunger pains again so I can teach my body that it is time to eat again and that it can prepare itself.

Name a food choice and chances are I already tried it.  I have had pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken, tacos of all sorts, soups and the list goes on and on.  Eating any type of bread is still difficult.  It gets very sticky and gooey and is difficult to swallow down and this is actually good for me.  Part of my therapy in eating again is to do a forceful swallow of sticky and gooey food.  And I have noticed a huge difference already in my ability to eat now than I did when I first started to eat again with that cup of pudding.

So I am not a complete fool now, I do track my calories.  I am averaging around 1800 to 2000 calories a day and I am not being as active as I was prior to diagnoses.  I am not running or going to the gym but I am trying to have some sort of activity.  I track my calorie intake with an app; LoseIt.  I am not worried about my sugar levels yet or how many carbs I am intaking.  I am more focused now on just getting the calories in and eating as much as I can.

Author: danielgarcia3

Retired Military Officer who is now fighting the good fight against Cancer

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